Proof Search on Bilateralist Judgments over Non-deterministic Semantics

V. Greati, S. Marcelino, J. Marcos
TABLEAUX 21's proceedings, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer

The bilateralist approach to logical consequence maintains that judgments of different qualities should be taken into account in determining what-follows-from-what. We argue that such an approach may be actualized by a two-dimensional notion of entailment induced by semantic structures that also accommodate non-deterministic and partial interpretations, and propose a proof-theoretical apparatus to reason over bilateralist judgments using symmetrical two-dimensional analytical Hilbert-style calculi. We also provide a proof-search algorithm for finite analytic calculi that runs in at most exponential time, in general, and in polynomial time when only rules having at most one formula in the succedent are present in the concerned calculus.