Artificial Mercosur license plates dataset

G. Silvano, I. Silva, V. Ribeiro, V. Greati, A. Bezerra, P. Endo, T. Lynn
Data in Brief 33(1), Elsevier

Mercosur (a.k.a. Mercosul) is a trade bloc comprising five South American countries. In 2018, a unified Mercosur license plate model was rolled out. Access to large volumes of ground truth Mercosur license plates with sufficient presentation variety is a significant challenge for training supervised models for license plate detection (LPD) in automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) systems. To address this problem, a Mercosur license plate generator was developed to generate artificial license plate images meeting the new standard with sufficient variety for ALPR training purposes. This includes images with variation due to occlusions and environmental conditions. An embedded system was developed for detecting legacy license plates in images of real scenarios and overwriting these with artificially generated Mercosur license plates. This data set comprises 3,829 images of vehicles with synthetic license plates that meet the new Mercosur standard in real scenarios, and equivalent number of text files containing label information for the images, all organized in a CSV file with compiled image file paths and associated labels.